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Photo Gallery
Photos are grouped by time period. Click on thumbnail to get larger image.
Note: While I strive for accuracy, there may be some photos placed in the wrong galleries. If you find one of those, please e-mail me and I'll move it. If a photo is on the edge of a year and seems to go more with the next era, like the album cover shoots, I'll put it with those. That's why I have "circa" on the pages.

Early Era (Pre-1972)

Eagles LP Era (1972)

Desperado Era (1973)

On the Border Era (1974)

One of These Nights Era (1975)

Hotel California Era (1976-1977)

Late Seventies Era (1978-1979)

The Eighties (1980-1989)

The Nineties (1990-1999)

Current Era (2000-Present)